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Global Animal Welfare Policy Research Project Update

It is now a year since we launched our ground-breaking international study of public policy regarding the farming of chickens for meat (they are known as ‘broilers’). By examining and comparing the policy process in four different countries (Australia, UK, Aotearoa-New Zealand and the Netherlands) we aim to figure out what factors help and hinder […]


CASJ embarks on international animal protection research

The CASJ is teaming up with RSPCA Australia to initiate a ground-breaking international study that aims to understand which social, political and economic factors help or hinder animal protection.  The two year project will compare public policy and regulation concerning the commercial production of chickens for meat (‘broiler chickens’) in four countries – the UK, […]


Understanding the public debate on fox hunting

We are pleased to announce that Dr Lucy Parry, who has been carrying out academic research into animal protection funded by the CASJ, has had another paper based on those investigations published in a peer-reviewed journal, British Politics. Lucy’s research looked into the public debates on fox hunting, using a technique called ‘Q methodology’ to […]


Proposed UK Government Commission to tackle Domestic Abuse offers lessons for reducing animal harm

One of the key measures in the new Domestic Abuse Bill being laid before Parliament is the establishment, on a statutory footing, of an ‘Independent Office of the Domestic Abuse Commissioner’. The intended task of the Office is to lead government policy on preventing domestic abuse, including the publication of reports to hold Government to […]

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